1,2,3… [Part III]: Quotes!

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Ok… so maybe the above isn’t the best quote out there. But I do believe in the power of quotes to make a person feel spectacular and allow them to rise above adversity! Why else do we invest such energy into things like quote tattoos, artwork, jewellery, books, etc etc etc. So without further ado, let’s […]

Pull Over Nancy… We’re Getting A Little Bit Too Negative For My Tastes.

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What is happening my lovely friends? Aren’t you excited for the weekend?! I sure am. I hope you stay safe and have lots of fun! There, you see what I did there? That’s what I would like to think is a positive well-wishing for everyone out there. The key word of course, in case you could not […]

“It’s My Blog and I Can Write If I Want To…”

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Why hello again my lovely friends! It’s been so long, has it not? My-oh-my, it has to have been at least 2 days! That’s right, I did not post yesterday (March 28th)… and I’m sure you are probably asking yourselves: “But why didn’t he post yesterday? Did we do something wrong?!”. That’s right, I know […]

“You’ve Got So Much Love In You!” Lipdubbin’ Babbyyy

So today, I’m all upbeat and cheery :) Maybe it’s the endorphins from the gym or all of that lovely Vitamin-D from the sun! So naturally, I want to make you feel all upbeat and cheery too; particularly if you’re feeling down-in-the-dumps… and if you’ve had such a splendid day that you couldn’t possibly get any happier, […]

I Pray I Don’t Get Yelled At…

So apparently I’ve gotten pretty skilled at ranting… I mean, not that it’s anything complicated per-say, but I think I’ve developed the right rhythm and tempo to construct a rather scathing critique of something that bothers me! But what is that something? Well, here’s my beef today (or boeuf, as the French would say): praying. Now hold on […]

Bring On Those Nostalgic Sundays

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, so feel free to gander one of my favourite poems. Carroll always did a fantastic job of turning the world upon its head; defying logic, rhyme and reason. Every time I read one of his tales, I become immersed in his writing and lost in the fantastical worlds he […]

This Post Wasn’t Very Hard, It Was Just Long… To Write!

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“Yo, all of that rain made me wet!”“…almost, just push a little harder.”“Wait, not yet, you might break it!”“Don’t go yet, I won’t be able to come until 5.”“We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way…” OMG THAT’S WHAT SHE SAAIIIDDDDD! (and before you even read them all, […]