In this lovely little piece, I’d love to share with you 3 things which you have either, A) never heard of before or, B) you have heard of them but just have had no interest based off of lack of experience, exposure, etc etc etc.

Today’s piece is going to feature 3 ever-so-lovely TV shows! These are 3 Shows which you’ve probably heard of but have more than likely gone: “Yeah, that sounds cool… I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point” and just never have. Well today is that point! Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Shameless (US):

This lovely little comedy-drama doesn’t feature your normal Brady Bunch-esque family (the Camden’s need to shove over, this ain’t no Seventh Heaven). This family has a lovingly crass alcoholic father (William H. Macy), a non-existent mother and 7 hilarious children from 6 months to 20-some-odd years old. Each has their own specific character features which are hilarious and individualized to such a degree that every episode will leave you shocked and in stitches (the laughing-kind, not the medical-kind). This show also features the ever-so-lovely Emmy Rossum as the oldest and most responsible child of this Chicago-based family (have you heard her sing? Well her acting is pretty damn superb as well… we’ll forgive the brief hiccup known as the Live-Action Dragonball movie, though). I would highly suggest this remake of the British version to anyone, particularly if you like short seasons (Season 1 = 10 episodes) with each episode being about 50 minutes long.

2) Battlestar Galactica:

Alright… let us just forget for a minute here that by watching this show, you may just become a certified super nerd. It’s really not that bad. In fact, coming from the guy who does not like Star Wars (please hold any and all hate mail until the end), I thoroughly enjoy this show! The best part? There are not really any “stars” in this show (forgive the terrible pun) but there are some very notable actors. For instance, here’s a little fun fact: President Laura Roslin is actually the First Lady in the movie Independence Day! I’m serious, go look it up! So we have established actors, but none who really take away from the whole of the story. Perfect! But what is it about? Essentially speaking, the human’s created the Cylons (a group of highly intelligent robots) who turn on the humans and seek to destroy them. Why is this different from any other “Good -vs- Evil” tale you’ve ever read or watched? Well there are a number of reasons: the graphics are way ahead of their time, the story is enthralling, the emotional relationships established are poignant, the military and political intrigue is intense, etc etc etc! But don’t just take my word for it, watch it!
***NOTE: If you do decide to venture into space with the lovely crew of the Galactica, make sure that you watch the 2 hour TV-movie first, prior to watching Season 1, Episode 1… or else you will be a bit lost.

3) Skins (UK):

Now, I’m sure that some of you may have heard of the failed launch of the US version. Well, I’m under the impression that it failed for 2 reasons. The first being that the United States has a different idea of what is proper for television compared to the UK; the second being that, anyone who has seen the UK version knows for a fact that it is just so much better! And I understand, it’s such a tired old argument: “The original show is so much better, ‘X’ just copied it and adapted it to their country and now it sucks!”. In this case, listen to that tired old argument! I would suggest that you watch Series 1 & 2 (“series” more or less means “season” in the UK) as they are pretty much fantastic in every sense of the word. How would I describe this show? It’s kind of like if Degrassi took 3 or 4 bong-hits and then started dancing to Brown Eyed Girl. That’s right, Brown Eyed Girl. Give it a shot, I promise it will not disappoint!

Much Lovin’,
The Chad.


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