“Let’s talk about…” Some Damn Spelling!

And yes, before we get started, this is the song that was playing in my head when I decided to come up with this title… we can legit talk about sex later if you would like! But right now, I’d like to talk about something a little less pleasurable, yet nonetheless, still desirable.

*ahem* Learn how to fucking spell!

There, now that I have that out of the way, we can get down to the nitty-gritty. There is nothing more frustrating then when I see a conversation which goes along the lines of:

      “Sup bra! I still have yur bra-hat at my house. Let me know when your gonna
come pick it up!
 I know that bra #3 came and got there hat this morning…
       their pretty happy that they wernt the only one two forget their shizzzz.

          Sincerely your’s,
          Bra #1″

So… you may ask yourself: “But, what was wrong with that paragraph?”. And if you do ask yourself that, then perhaps it is best that you are here. Think of this kind of like a… a word intervention! That’s it! Let’s begin, shall we?

“Hi, my name is Chad and I used to spell improperly. It has been 6 years since I last had a spelling mistake…”.

Alright, so maybe that’s taking it a bit far. I mean, we all make mistakes and I am certainly not going to be the poster child for Mr. Perfect; I’m far from it! But let’s think about this properly for a second, shall we? We live in the (cue: epic voice echo) Age of Technology-ology-ogy and as such, almost everything that we do involves typing, words, etc etc etc. Pretty much, we are forced to interact through a means of… well, a means of “non-interaction”! We text, we facebook, tweet, skype, msn, ICQ, what have you! So as such, since this is our primary means of communication with people, why then are we not sticklers for proper spelling and sentence structure?!

Have you ever sent someone a text saying something like:
“Hey, I’m running about 5 minutes late, but I’m still coming! Can you meet me by the tree that looks like Beyoncé playing a trumpet?”

And the response that you get is:
“sur, your waring red shirt right?”

Or even worse, the response is:

*THROWS A CHAIR AGAINST A WALL!* That is not a legitimate response! “K” does not answer my question in the least, nor does it confirm that you have the time or patience to type back to me. Which is silly, because I bet you are literally sitting there doing nothing while you wait for me to arrive by the tree that looks like beyoncé playing a trumpet! Confirm that you will meet me at the Beyoncé tree!

You could at least respond with: “K, I will see you at the Beyoncé tree”.

And look at that, it’s a fairly error free sentence… in fact, with spell-check engrained into every electronic device that we use, I’m a little confused as to how people can form really poor words/sentences. Here’s a tip, if you see a red line appear under the word you just typed or if your device suggests a different word/spelling for you, you should probably either, A) get out the dictionary, or B) do what the device says! No offence, but the computer is probably prone to less spelling mistakes than the human.

On top of spelling mistakes though, we have these little fella’s:
Your & You’re
There, Their & They’re
, Too & Two
I swear, if you can fix these mistakes right here, your spelling will improve 10-fold! These are the mistakes that everybody sees and everybody cringes when they do! If you have no idea how any of these work, then go to Google right now and type in: “What is the difference between ____” and then insert in one of those sets of words. There are literally thousands of resources to help you with this!!

I get it, I’m the annoying English major who just had to talk about spelling, but let’s be serious here… it’s needed and everybody thinks it! By no means am I saying that one should follow a completely uniform code of “strict spelling” (which would be virtually impossible with the English language, anyway) but at least make an attempt to understand the language you are writing/speaking before you butcher it!

I shall take my leave now and in my place, I will leave you with this lovely little quote at the bottom (because I love quotes).

Much Lovin’,
The Chad.

“When our spelling is perfect, it’s invisible. But when it’s flawed, it prompts strong negative associations.”
~  Marilyn vos Savant (a wise frigging woman!)


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