Life is Like a Book (But Don’t Read Too Much Into That)


Well hello once again my lovely friends! I figured that since it is such a beautiful day out, that I would impart upon you some lovely English-themed philosophy… ok, so it’s not that bad. But I would hazard to say that it is a philosophy in which I live my life and I would like to impart it to you.

So here it goes! Are you ready? Are you sure? Alright! So as I view it, life is like a book. Has your mind been blown yet? No? Well, maybe by the end of this, you will have more of a sense on where I’m coming from.

If we think about this logically, what is a book? A book is a set of bound pages which often contain words or images that are meant to either entertain us or convey some specific point or theme to its reader. But there is oh-so-much more than that to a book! A book, much like our lives, contains dialogue, locations, descriptions, life-lessons, familial links, bonds of friendship, heartbreak etc etc etc. But that is too simplistic!

Where do you fit into all of this? Well let me tell you, your life is something akin to an autobiographical-fiction (I know, that word is long, dry and boring [not what she said], so let’s cut to the chase). You are the protagonist (that means the main character) to your own story! The lead, the centre, the most important aspect to the feature-length novel that is your life. Now, this is not to say that you are a selfish-bitty who should only care for your own well-being… to the contrary, it means that you should be living your life the way that you see fit, and as such, not let others write your story for you!

Well now we are getting somewhere, don’t you think? Let’s go further! Who is the author? Well, the author can be whoever you want, but keep in mind that it is the author’s responsibility to guide the protagonist through their daily life into events and conversations which are essential to the health and well-being of the story. For myself, the author is simply me. I write my own story; I control it; I choose where I want to go, when I want to go and how I will get there. Other’s allow certain external influences to become their personal author: god and religion, parents, spouses, etc etc etc. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with these outside forces crafting a few chapters in your book (particularly parents in the first chapters of your life), I think that it is extremely important for you to realize that you run your own life and that you are responsible for it!

Everyday that I leave the house and interact with the outside world, I am well aware that my life is of my making and should I come into any conflict with an external force I deem negative, I will simply deal with the issue and move on. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say you are walking along, minding your own business; the sun is out, birds are chirping, Ke$ha is playing on your iPod when all of the sudden, out of the blue, someone trips you and they don’t apologize! Whether it was on purpose or accidental, all you know is that that person has walked off, oblivious to how this tripping-incident has made you feel… and let’s be serious, you felt something; maybe it was hurt, shock or pure anger. I am sure you would want to lash out and enact some sort of revenge on that person! But why? Remember: you are the protagonist of your book and everyone else is merely a supporting character. You can easily write that person out of your book (perhaps invent some imagined Karmic revenge that that person will inevitably run into), call it a little blip on your book’s radar, and move on.

It’s really that simple! Like I said, you are the protagonist of your book and everyone else is merely a supporting character. You have the ability to write them off (quite literally!) so don’t attempt to prolong their status in your book. It’s your book, not theirs! This applies to all negative influence in your life: ex’s, boyfriends, girlfriends, cousins, friends, etc etc etc. Some of these influences are certainly harder to rid yourself of than others, but lacking the ability to write these periphery-characters out of your book, you can always write them different story-lines and dialogues so as to minimize or change your interaction with them!


Keep on reading and writing my friends; there will always be boring, depressing, negative, saddening, and heart-shattering chapters. But there will also always be chapters filled with happiness, love, excitement, success and triumph. The pen has always been in your hands.

Much Lovin’,
The Chad

“Have the courage and faith to keep turning the pages, believing better
chapters lie ahead. Trust. Listen. Believe. Be creative. Be kind. Be patient.”
               ~ Diamond Taylor


3 responses to “Life is Like a Book (But Don’t Read Too Much Into That)

  1. Yes!! And when you are the author, it’s JUST FINE to expect a fairy tale ending….!! Or better yet, a “reality” ending that is infinitely more YOU than any fairy tale could possibly concoct! Love it! Thanks for the post!

      • Haha! They don’t call me Tinkerbell for no reason! :) And wow, I see that you read my blog about happy endings! Too funny—isn’t it? Wonderful how synchronicity can explode at times! The world is getting to be a great place when we each can finish each other’s fairy tales….wink! Or….”reality tales”…. Life is indeed good!

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