One of These Things is Not Like the Others…

Well hello my scrumtrilescent friends. That’s right, I said scrumtrilescent. So you know what I’ve come to love? Photobombs! Yayyy! There’s just something so entertaining about them, no? And for those of you who are not up-to-date with all of the teenage “lingo” that is hip-hop-happening right now, I will give you the low-down-diggedy of what a photobomb is. Essentially, it’s when you are taking a picture of one thing (ie. your friends, a famous monument, etc etc etc) that is meant to be the centre focus of your picture… meanwhile, someone/thing else on the periphery of your picture is doing something utterly ridiculous and it takes away from the “niceness” that was your perfect- picture.

I love that! Why, you may ask? Well it’s simple: I’ve seen my face enough times in picture format; I know what I look like! Now I want something new and entertaining! But I’ve always found that it is best to lead with examples, so without any further hesitation, let’s get creepin’!

*ahem* Ah, now nothing says “I do” like a finely-padded tourist who provides the bored wedding-attendees with some rather strategic foreshadowing of the coming wedding-night. How so? With a lovely little symbol that says: “Oh yeah baby, let’s perform some coitus!”. Oh, the romance!

And of course, there is always a lovely photo among friends! Yep, three great frien– AH! Ok, so this photobomb may take you a minute or two to get (like it took me), but once you do, you may lose all control over your bowel-movements. This young woman could even give ninja‘s a few tips in the art of being sneaky!


But I find that it is best to keep things simple, particularly if you are just partying it up with some friends. Here are a few tips:
– Don’t overdo it, less is more
– Make sure you are “vurrry, vurrry quiet”
– Plan your timing so you can get in, then get out quickly (no, that is not what she said)
– Perfect “The Face”
That is exactly what our next demonstrator does flawlessly. Let’s observe.


Ah, just wonderful. You see, aren’t photobombs the best? But of course, remember: either go big, or go home. You want to try and get in the most serious picture possible and then creep, creep, creep!! Wedding photos, creep! Graduation, creep! Bar mitzvah, creep! Ok? Ok.

So for now my friends, I bid you adieu and may all your photobomb dreams most certainly come true… wow, definitely did not mean for that to rhyme. On the plus side, you did just get a free poem out of me and I didn’t even charge you. Well played Sir and/or Madame. Well played.

Much Lovin’,
The Chad.


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