“It’s My Blog and I Can Write If I Want To…”

Why hello again my lovely friends! It’s been so long, has it not? My-oh-my, it has to have been at least 2 days! That’s right, I did not post yesterday (March 28th)… and I’m sure you are probably asking yourselves: “But why didn’t he post yesterday? Did we do something wrong?!”. That’s right, I know that your lives now revolve around this blog and by me missing a day, you probably went into a rapid bout of depression, intermingled with copious amounts of drinking. But fear not, I am back!

Why did I miss a day though? Well, I figured that I should spring it on you sooner rather than later; It does happen where I get so busy that I just don’t have time to post (I know, rare for an English major, eh?). And as we all know, I procrastinate so hard that there’s no way I could possibly prepare in advance for any future complications. But in all honesty, by missing a day it gave me another blog topic: TIME.

Or perhaps I should make the topic about timing, as it’s not so much my issues surrounding Grandfather-Clock himself, as it is, the issues that surmise when he informs me that I am not running on time! You see, I can be a little bit OCD at times (if you ever see me organizing something, particularly like a game of Tetris, it means I’m on the verge of a break-down and you should probably let me be) and one of my biggest OCD’s is about timing; I’m also sure that I’m definitely not the only person who has this issue.

I think that it all started when I was younger and I had to make it to swim practice every day. Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking: “Oh, cool, practice… wait, why do you want to be on time for practice? It’s the games that matter!”. Well, for those of you who say that, you’ve never been a swimmer. You see, if you are late, your entire practice gets effed-up and as a consequence, you are going to be in a lot of pain! Show up 10 minutes late for the warm-up set and that means you aren’t warmed up for the main set; that of course means that the 10×100 meters all-out on virtually no rest is going to make you cry like a coked-out Britney-fan.

Exhibit A: Just leave her alone guys. Just leave her alone.

But I think there’s more to this than over a decade’s treatment of aversion therapy… I mean, have you ever been late for class? Maybe I’m the only one but even if I’m 1 minute late for class, I will just not end up going. Some people will say that I’m positively mental for missing a class because I’m 1 minute late, but let’s think about this for a second, shall we. If you are like me, then on a regular basis you are roughly 5-10 minutes early for almost everything you attend (excepting those rare instances where you are late). Now, let’s say you are 5 minutes early for class, you have a great seat, your notes are all out and ready, you’re relaxed and settled. Wonderful. Then class starts and you’re 2 or 3 minutes into the lecture… oh look, there are a few late people who are breaking into my “study zone” that I have set up. Ok, I get it, sometimes your previous class ends late and you have to run across campus. I will accept that.

But oh no, it gets so much worse! Then there are people who show up 15-20 minutes late for class (one time, someone showed up 40 minutes late to a 50 minute lecture!!)… AND they have a coffee in their hand! Seriously? You had time to get coffee?! When?!?! So, not only has my “study-bubble” been burst, but chances are that these super-late people are the ones who are really noisy AND they leave their garbage in front of their seat after the class ends. On top of that, I bet they just had to pick the seat next to you or the row that you are in so they can get as close as humanly possible…

Don’t be like this guy! He’s cute but damn annoying!

And have you ever been to the movie theatre? Well apparently some people haven’t… if you are going to go to the movies then either A) accept that you need to go early and be prepared to wait for the best seats ever or B) recognize that maybe you don’t need to get there early and you will be happy to sit in the very front row if it comes to that. If anyone has ever gone to the theatre with me, they know how much I love back-row-centre. And if you want those seats, baby, you’ve got to earn ’em! Unless the movie has been in theatres for 2 months, don’t go 10 minutes before the movie starts and expect to get those seats ‘cuz it ain’t go’n happen!

Another thing I never did get, why is it that people will go to a movie that is really popular and just opened, arrive 10 minutes before it starts and climb all the way to the back row to try and find a seat there? And don’t even think about asking me to move over one seat so you and your “uggers”-girlfriend can sit beside me and talk, chomp on popcorn and text throughout the entire thing. Nu-uh. I got here early and I’m staying in my seat… I just got comfy!

So what is it that I’m saying? I’m saying that, yes, I’m a little obsessed with punctuality… but beside that, what I’m saying is that you need to either A) be prepared with your timing so as to not piss-people-off or B) accept the fact that you are going to be late and do everything in your power to minimize the disruption/irritation that you are going to cause.


Did I do that when I didn’t write my blog yesterday? Who knows, I’m too lazy to figure it out. But I will tell you this, once midnight hit (ie this morning) I no longer felt any pressure to blog every day. I know, right? How sad is my life that I felt that pressure? But I think it’s the fact that I created something that I had worked on every day since its inception (not the Leo Dicaprio kind) and when you get yourself into a routine, it can be hard to break.

So for now, I will bid you adieu and I promise that I will see you tomorrow (because we all have those moments where we’re late… but there’s always a plan b [pun intended]).

Much Lovin’,
The Chad. 


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