What Is YOUR Embarrassing Song?

I have an embarrassing song. What is it? Well you have to earn that right to know! Maybe I will let you know at the end of this… and maybe I won’t. But can we just talk about embarrassing songs for a second here before we blackmail The Chad?

We all have one on our iPod (or maybe several hundred). You know, that one song where, if someone asks to browse your music or put your iPod on shuffle, you secretly pray in your head: “Please, oh pleasseee do not let that song come on!”. Because, what are the odds that that song is going to come on when there are 2999 other songs on your iPod? 

Well I’m here to crusade for all of you embarrassing-song-on-iPod-type-peoples… man, we need to come up with a better name for our campaign slogan. Regardless! What is it that we consider embarrassing? Is it just the fact that we don’t want to be teased and made fun of for the 5 minutes that it may play (or a few days after depending on how big of dicks your friends are)? Maybe it’s the fear that by having this song on your iPod, you may become emasculated or stereotyped or teased, etc etc etc.

Let’s examine, shall we? Say you are a 25 year old man who is nothing but 250lbs of muscle and a badass attitude and reputation. Cool bro. But say you’re at a party and your iPod is on shuffle. Crap, how did Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me get put into your playlist?! 

The crowd starts to look around with a questioning look on their face… wait, isn’t this… your iPod?! Oh shiz, how are you possibly going to explain this away to your friends? Turns out that you love rocking out in your bathroom to T-Swift every morning before work… in fact, you have her entire discography! Shiz, shiz, shiz! Maybe if you say it’s your little sister’s iPod. That doesn’t explain all of the death-metal though. Or maybe if you say it got on there by accident! Yeah right, nobody will buy that tale. What do you do?!

Here’s a tip: Own. It. You heard me correctly: “Eff yeah I love me some T-Swift, she’s great to dance to! Now which one of you lovely ladies would like to dance with me?”. And chances are dude, you will get the ladies-a-hip-hoppin’ with you on the dance floor (or the dudes, depending on your preference that night). Because, if you own it, then nobody can really call you out on it… and if they do, well since you don’t care and you think they’re being idiots with the issue, then chances are they’ll drop it.

And as a guy, can I just ask a quick question to all of you? Where is there this idea that a guy can’t listen to a female pop-singer and groove out to her music? I mean, at what point in our culture did we get to such a level that it’s emasculating (aka “not ok”) for a 19 year old football-playing-university-guy to listen to, I don’t know, say someone like Miley Cyrus? If you want to get your Hannah-Montana on, then by all means, I say go for it! Believe it or not, the ear’s will like what they hear regardless of who you are. I actually had this conversation about a week ago with friends about how I dislike Carrie Underwood’s music/singing. Nothing against her as a singer; I agree wholeheartedly that she has talent and she can sing… but I just don’t like her music. Can I explain why? Nope. But then again, I guess I also can’t explain why I love Katy Perry’s Firework.

That’s right, you’ve just found out my embarrassing song! oOoOoOo shocking (or maybe not)! You know what? When I’m at the gym, hammering home the weights, I’m not sure what it is, but this song easily gets me pumped up and makes me wanted to lift even heavier… or run faster… or jump higher! So you know what? We all have embarrassing songs! Acknowledge it, then get over it so you can enjoy listening to them with your windows down and the bass-a-blazin’! And if it helps, picture that 250lb weight lifter beside you rocking out to Disney tunes on his iPod; I can guarantee that will get rid of some of your hesitancies.

Much Lovin’,
The Chad 


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