Echo, Echo, Echo


Hello my lovely friends of the interwebs! So today is a special day for me. I have decided to post some poetry of mine. My computer is literally littered with it so I figured why not see what people make of it. This poem is entitled Echo, Echo, Echo and it was written a few months ago.

As well, I always hated when I read a poem and I had no direction about what I was reading, so I will say this: read my poem and make of it what you wish. After the poem I will include a brief description of what I had in mind when I was writing it, then read it again and see how you feel. For me, poetry is music, just without the accompanying orchestra. 

I have been afraid.
I have been terrified.
I have been frozen
I have been in tears
I have chosen to speak
and I have chosen to not.
Such notions cause minor fluctuations in the framework
and ripple out into the pond of life… an ocean so large, it cannot contain its own name.

Look                                                      Stand                                                                    Smile

                                Dance                                                   Fight it, survive it… what is it?

We will always search for patterns that we cannot contain, nor can we ever hope to attain.
But eventually, all will settle.
Ripples resolve into rapid dissipation
Devolve into daring rivulets
that shrink at such a notion.
I have been afraid.
I have been terrified.
I have also been happy.
Be not scared of the grandiose granite or the petite pebble.
Each will change, force particular motions;
but then it is true that
the water will always settle. 

For me, this poem is all about change. Each action we take and each decision we make will forever change our course into the future. I think that one of the major philosophies of my life is that you need to choose wisely but never be afraid to make mistakes. In less than one week I will be ending a four year journey and starting a new one. Life’s no fun when you’re too cautious to cannonball into the water.

Much Lovin’,
The Chad.


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