When Life Gives You Lemons…

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You know what I love the most? A good saying or quote. You know, one of those uplifting little sentences which tells you “You’re doing an awesome job”, “Life can’t keep you down” or that you need to “Grab the bull by the horns”. There was always one saying that I never did get though:¬†“When […]

1,2,3… [Part III]: Quotes!

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Ok… so maybe the above¬†isn’t the best quote out there. But I do believe in the power of quotes to make a person feel spectacular and allow them to rise above adversity! Why else do we invest such energy into things like quote tattoos, artwork, jewellery, books, etc etc etc. So without further ado, let’s […]

Welcome to The Natural Paradox!

Hello. Wait, what I meant to say was “Hi”… or perhaps it was “What’s up?”. Maybe I should add some extra umph by turning everything into CAPSLOCK and adding an excessive number of exclamation marks?!!! I think the gist of what I’m attempting to say here is: Welcome to my brand new blog entitled The […]