I Think I Crossed The Line At ‘Panda’… Whoops.

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Why hello again my lovely friends! I know, I know… it’s been far, far too long. Where have I been? Well, I could explain that to you or I could give you another riveting rant from my raving and raucous intellect! My god I love alliteration! Needless to say, expect more frequently occurring updates from me. So […]

Pull Over Nancy… We’re Getting A Little Bit Too Negative For My Tastes.

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What is happening my lovely friends? Aren’t you excited for the weekend?! I sure am. I hope you stay safe and have lots of fun! There, you see what I did there? That’s what I would like to think is a positive well-wishing for everyone out there. The key word of course, in case you could not […]

“It’s My Blog and I Can Write If I Want To…”

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Why hello again my lovely friends! It’s been so long, has it not? My-oh-my, it has to have been at least 2 days! That’s right, I did not post yesterday (March 28th)… and I’m sure you are probably asking yourselves: “But why didn’t he post yesterday? Did we do something wrong?!”. That’s right, I know […]

I Pray I Don’t Get Yelled At…

So apparently I’ve gotten pretty skilled at ranting… I mean, not that it’s anything complicated per-say, but I think I’ve developed the right rhythm and tempo to construct a rather scathing critique of something that bothers me! But what is that something? Well, here’s my beef today (or boeuf, as the French would say): praying. Now hold on […]

Welcome to The Natural Paradox!

Hello. Wait, what I meant to say was “Hi”… or perhaps it was “What’s up?”. Maybe I should add some extra umph by turning everything into CAPSLOCK and adding an excessive number of exclamation marks?!!! I think the gist of what I’m attempting to say here is: Welcome to my brand new blog entitled The […]